"ERGOCLICK (former ZEROGRIP) project" is a join venture of GRANDEE Corporation and PEN-PLUS International 

Goal of the project:

1. To prevent CTS developing for computer users who work with computer mice and other input devices, 

2. to make it possible again the using of the computer for persons suffered from CTS,

3.  to make it possible the using of the computer for persons suffered from Arthritics, "trigger finger" etc.

Two hands are better than one.... index finger.

First two-handed input device in computer industry is available now

Fingerfree PC input  device!
Don't let one hand do all the work

During your career you may make 50 000 000 or more click operations using your fingers.... 
Now, with the ERGOCLICK (former name: ZeroGrip++)  you can give your fingers a break! 


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Zero Grip Changed the name - It is ErgoClick   now.


Back orders available! On markets - by the end in November 2004

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Other countries -

info@pen-plus.nl and world_of_ergonomic@yahoo.com  

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